true story of child abuse and bullying...

at the grave of the unknown child

"at the grave of the unknown child"

by anonymous

It's about twenty thousand words, written with a view to bandwidth and
the narrowness of days. I got to the end and didn't know what to call it.
One is supposed to name things - I don't know why.
What's in a name, anyway?

There are different kinds of leaving; and sometimes someone is gone,
or was never there at all; and no one knows why, or where,
or ever will know - even if they bear the grave,
of a child they never were.

This describes experiences and memories of childhood;
and is intended for anyone who wants to read it. However,
most adults will agree that the contents are unsuitable for
people below the age of 18 years.

Includes accounts of child abuse; (CSA and psychological);
bullying; repression of identity; self harm; insanity and
suicide. Also includes references to extreme violence.

If you self-harm, please be aware: Contains trigger material.

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